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written by Joanne November 3, 2016

Jumping on the bohemian bandwagon here and showing you this look shot with Shaunagh back in September when we still had some nice weather. I remember when the bohemian look was huge in the early noughties with pop icon’s like Britney Spears donning belly tops and long skirts – it wasn’t a trend I had expected to return so quickly.

I bought this bag which I adore but never wear (it’s really hard to combine with things) when I was living in Honduras. I love brightly colored textiles and Central America has some of the best. Check out this company from Guatemala that makes beautiful handbags. An added bonus is that they have a focus on ethical/sustainable fashion something which is close to my heart and a growing interest of mine.

I bought this bag in a town called Valle de Angeles in the department of Francisco Morazan, just outside the capital city Tegucigalpa. It’s a lovely town to visit if you ever are in Honduras because it’s full of old colonial style buildings and has an art gallery that contains Julio Visquerra’s paintings which are truly stunning and a fantastic example of Latin American magical realism. His paintings have even been printed onto shoes and handbags. Check out some of the stuff here. The town of Valle de Angeles is also home to two huge warehouses that are stocked to the brim or artisanal Honduran and Central American goods. Everything from hammocks, to tables, to blankets, clothes etc.

Back to the outfit: the bag I paired with this red maxi skirt from Zara, leopard print pumps from Zara and a white off the shoulder top from River Island. Hope you like the look!

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