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written by Joanne October 29, 2015



There has been a surge of interest in recent years with vintage – not everyone’s cup of tea I know but it’s worth asking;  could our desire to own something from another era, where trends dominated for years be a backlash to the phenomenon of “fast fashion”?

I know myself when I buy vintage part of the appeal is that it has come from a time that is not current, as trends at the moment seem all to fleeting; what is in fashion one week is out the next. Personally sometimes I get tired of trying to keep up with what’s in fashion one week/month or out the next. If  I’m spending my hard earned money on something I would like to think it’s something I’ll wear years from now.

That’s why I think Irish label Charlotte and Jane based in Kinsale is in many way’s unique. The patterns of the dresses, coats, skirts are based on styles from the 40’s and 50’s while the colors (and in some cases the tweed patterns) change from year to year.

Added to this the wool fabrics are ethically sourced and come from Kerry Woollen Mills in Beaufort.  The pieces are flattering, timeless and elegant and Charlotte and Jane in their studio in Kinsale will help you pick out a shape and colour that suits you and also a hat/headpiece from designer Irene Curran, that will perfectly complement whichever piece you go with.

Hope you enjoy the look, there are 2 more to follow this one so stay tuned to the blog!

Johanna xx






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