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Getting the Balance Right…

written by Joanne September 30, 2017

Louise and I shot this look in the Corporate Business District (CBD) of Wellington in New Zealand. It was such a great area to shoot in, lots of different materials like glass, marble and metal to provide a great backdrop. The CBD is actually only about a 20 min run to the hills, surrounding the city, which is something I really love about Wellington. The city is so compact it’s great, you can be in an urban setting and suddenly surrounded by nature in a very short space of time.

Kiwi’s definitely seem to have gotten the work /life balance right here and while people place an importance on work and value their careers,  equal importance is given to on what’s going on outside of working hours; be that taking a class, playing sport or spending time with friends and family.

Moving to a new place has definitely given me a renewed enthusiasm for blogging –  I actually though about deleting my blog not too long ago as I had kind of lost the enthusiasm for creating and sharing content. Self-promotion is not something that I’m that comfortable with and I struggle when deciding what to share online or if to share at all. Also I think people naturally tend to judge others who seem to be flaunting a certain lifestyle and while every day is certainly is not a blast here, I do choose to share the best moments and I don’t want to apologize for this.

Also a few brands have been in touch about doing collaborations , it’s all looking positive so watch this space! 🙂


Dress is Glassons, boots Merchant 1948, jacket River Island and clutch Mango

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