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#johannaktravels – Frigiliana, Spain

written by Joanne January 26, 2017


Back in December I got the chance to visit the small town Frigiliana, high in the mountains in the province of Malaga in the South of Spain. It was such a beautiful place with white-washed houses and brightly painted doors and window panes everywhere. It came as no surprise to learn later that Frgiliana is included in a list of 34 of the most beautiful villages in Spain. See the full list here. 

The town was originally a Moorish settlement and you can see clues in the architecture especially in the Barrio Mudéjar where there are lots of Moorish arches. Mudéjar is the word used to describe the architectural style used by Arab craftsmen working in the Christian territory in Spain.

Another claim to fame that Frigiliana has is that apart from being a beautiful village, it is home to Spain’s last remaining sugar cane factory. The factory produces a sticky dressing that can be used on salads and you will be offered it, if you eat in any of the restaurants in the town. Frigiliana natives are so proud of their sugar cane products!

You can also purchase colorful painted pottery (plates, flowerpots, bowls) in the main square,  Plaza de las Tres Culturas.  Some of the the pottery is hand painted, some is printed with color but everything comes stamped as from Frigiliana. They make for good gifts and can be nice to have at home to remind you of a sunnier climate!



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