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#johannaktravels – Lima, Peru

written by Joanne September 17, 2016

I was in Lima the capital city of Peru twice this year. For a week in March and again for about 3 weeks in May and I have to say it holds a place in my heart now – I loved it! My only other experiences in Latin America were Sao Paolo in Brazil, Honduras and Tijuana/Rosarito in Mexico. Lima is a city that has so much to offer, great nightlife, thriving arts and culture scene, fantastic food and some beautiful parts of the city to visit.


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I used to go running sometimes by the coast (Costa Verde) and and it is really beautiful with views of the Pacific ocean for miles. Lima is the only capital city in Latin America on the Pacific Coast. You can go either direction along the coast  – one will take you through parks and playgrounds, the other will bring you to Larcomar – a mall sitting right in the cliffs with some great shopping and restaurants.

Peruvian food is amazing and that is no exaggeration. I ate so much the first time I was there that I actually got a bit sick so had to be a bit more cautious when I returned the 2nd time! If you go to Lima, foods you have to try are:

Ceviche   –  Raw fish soaked in lime juice which is typically served with maize , sweet potato and pickled red onion. The lime juice kind of cooks the fish slightly so that what you are eating is not completely raw and tastes delicious!

Causa – a potato cake which contains either tuna mayonnaise or chicken mayonnaise inside. Mashed potato is cooked with aji, spread out, lined with your filling and rolled up to make a log which can be sliced up to enjoy.

Pisco Sour – this is a yummy drink made from grape liquor (Pisco),  lime juice, ice, brown sugar and egg whites. The egg white might sound gross but the drink is delicious and comes in different flavors, the classic being lime but you can maracuya flavour also.  The girls are drinking Pisco Maracuya Sour in the picture below 🙂




Fashion photographer Mario Testino hails from Peru and there is a museum in his honor in the Barranco neighbourhood. Some of his most iconic fashion photography shots are blown up and hung around the museum and he also has a beautiful collection of photos of women from the Peruvian Andes in their traditional dress. The Barranco neighbourhood is known as the most “bohemian” area of all of Lima, there are old colonial houses everywhere, lots of street art and performers that make a stroll through the neighbourhood really worthwhile.





I didn’t know this before arriving but Lima was actually the Viceroyalty of Peru. What is that?  A Spanish colonial administrative district, which meant that Spanish-ruled South America was governed from Lima. This is why the old center of Lima has a truly spectacular central plaza with stunning buildings. There was a religious procession in the central plaza the day I took photos.


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That’s a recap of my time in Lima, Peru. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 You can see the other posts from Peru here, here and here.




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