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written by Joanne January 24, 2016

All black was the best option for showcasing this purse which I LOVE! It also gives the look an important injection of colour. I purchased it in a shop in Lagos, Portugal (see article here) but it’s actually from Burma. I really like its Oriental vibe and it is the protagonist of the outfit. If you add any other accessories it draws attention from the purse which isn’t what I wanted.

Everyone will have a tendency to be drawn to a certain aesthetic but simple black and white or monochromatics just don’t do it for me. I draw a kind of strength from colour which sounds weird I know but especially on these cold dark winter days, colour gives me a lift or an injection of energy.

The black top with buttons is from Zara as are the trousers. The shoes I stole from my sister and they are Primark. I popped in there today and they have so much great pairs of heels! I had to control myself and not buy anything. Cash flow isn’t as good as it could be right now …haha. Hope you like the look! xx



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