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written by Joanne January 31, 2017

I watched the documentary Mimalism on Netflix recently and you need to check it out! I thought it was so good and I really think it articulates a lot of things people feel but maybe but maybe have never expressed. It covers a number of ideas but a resounding theme was that people who associated climbing the corporate ladder with success (and consequently happiness), realized that the higher they got, the more unhappy they became. Why? Longer working hours. What is the compensation? More income. What do you do with more income? Buy more things. So to make your self feel better you consume more and more, as this is what justifies longer working hours. The result? Lot’s of stuff and very little quality time with the people who are important to you.

The concept is so simple, it seems so obvious.  It was fascinating to see how those who are now proponents of the minimalist philosophy reached a point in their career where they were forced to re-asses their values and question the whole idea of the “American Dream” where work life-balance becomes secondary to making money.

It certainly gives food for thought and highlighted the importance to me that the work we do on a daily basis should be fulfilling. If we are not fulfilled then we should try something else as life is too short to be working 40-70 hours a week at something we hate.

Also something we all know to be true, what makes people happy is the quality of relationships they have with those closest to them, not what they acquire/possess.

“Love people, use things. The opposite never works.”

Inspired by this minimalist philosophy I decided to bring you a pared back look! Quite simple, all black except for these patterned trousers from Primark. They are suitable for the office and as they are tight,  they fit nicely inside boots, which is always a plus in winter in Ireland as we want to keep our feet warm!

The building where I shot this look with Thorsten is the Cork County Hall, it’s near where I went to secondary school and I remember always thinking it was a bit ugly. It was revamped in 2006 and they introduced a new section at the back with lots of glass. That same year it was added to the record of protected structures in County Cork, so now it will be preserved.  When it was first built in the 70’s it was the tallest building in Ireland, can you believe it? We have come a long way since then…


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