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Travel Diaries – NYC Architecture

written by Joanne July 14, 2015

The title of this post may be a bit misleading as my photos mostly concentrate on townhouses, apartment blocks and their facades but these were the buildings I found so interesting in New York. Especially some very beautiful facades on the Upper East Side. While doing a walking tour in the SoHo District our guide explained that many of the buildings were created from catalogues -one could choose from a series of pillars, symbols etc. However on the Upper East Side many of the facades appear to be totally unique and in the current day the area is home to a large number of consulates. NYC has a fantastic and varied history of architecture from Gothic to Art Deco to the more recent Green Design but I didn’t take enough photos of these kind of buildings to merit a post and also feel that my knowledge on the subject leaves a lot to be desired 🙂


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 As mentioned earlier in the SoHo district the majority of the buildings were designed from catalogues. Many of these buildings which were originally factories, by the 70’s had become abandoned and quickly became homes to artists. The upper stories of the buildings, attracted artists because of their large areas and big open windows which let through lots of natural light.

SoHo is home to the  greatest collection of cast iron structures in the world. Nearly 250 cast iron buildings stand in New York and the vast majority are to be found in SoHo. Here are some photos of the buildings that caught my eye the day we did a tour in the area 🙂

DSC04706 editDSC04718 mDSC04714 edit


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