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written by Joanne October 27, 2016

Here is the second look that I shot with Thorsten in the Bodega in Cork City. You can see the other look here. Like I said before I love the interior of this place with it’s black and white tiled floors, high ceilings and black and white pillars. I actually had my birthday upstairs in the Bodega 2 years ago and we had a great night.

Outfit details: I am wearing these lovely black stilettos from Primark a total bargain at 17 euros 🙂 I had been looking for a pair like them for ages so snapped them up when I saw them. The black jacket/waistcoat I’m wearing is actually a sleeveless blazer from H&M that I bough back in March before a work trip to Brazil when I was trying to find something smart to wear. You can wear the blazer open with a shirt underneath or also or as a dress in the summer with a slip underneath it.

 The pinstripe shirt I also got in H&M and it’s perfect for the office. The black trousers are Zara and the bag is of course Michael Kors. I think it’s a nice touch for adding a pop of color to an otherwise monochrome look. The Jazz Weekend in Cork is upon us and I’m so excited! It’s hands down the best weekend of the year in the city, there’s always a fantastic atmosphere and I love how it’s evolved from a Jazz festival to an all round music festival with venues throughout the city offering great live music. I’m hoping to catch some flamenco music on Sat night in the restaurant Salt near the docks. Fingers crossed we can get  a table 🙂 xx


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