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written by Joanne April 26, 2016

Hi everyone! Here’s the second look that I shot with Shaunagh, where I’m styling this grey jumper I purchased in Top Shop a month or two ago. Who doesn’t love a bit of Sporty Luxe? Sometimes I wear it with leggings if I’m going to yoga and think I need something to keep me warm.

My skin looks a little reddish in these pictures because it was the last look that I shot with Shaunagh that day and I was freezing! It always happens to me when it’s cold. I wear a corrective concealer in a green colour by No.7 that gives really good coverage (it had just worn off a little by the time these photos were taken). Honestly I couldn’t live without the stuff, I’ve been buying it since I am a teenager, I pop it on under whatever foundation I’m wearing and it works as a primer as well.

I’m heading back to Peru again for 5 weeks soon and am a little nervous at the thought of being away for that long – what will I do on the weekends?! It’s silly really, as I’ve lived abroad for a few years but Latin America is that little further afield and although I love it, it’s definitely outside of my comfort zone.

I will get to visit Machu Picchu in Cuzco this time and have a three day trip planned to the surrounding areas like Valle Sagrado and Ollantaytambo which I am super excited about. Peru is an amazing country, with such a rich heritage, culture, people, geography and food – I can’t wait to discover more of this country, I’m slowly becoming a little obsessed. Also my Mom will lend me her Canon DSLR for the trip so I’m really excited to capture some (fingers crossed) great photos.

IMG_6629 xx

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