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The Bushwick Collective – Part 1

written by Joanne July 25, 2015

Welcome to the Bushwick Collective – the largest outdoor art gallery in the world. I visted the neighbourhood when I was in New York recently and it totally surpassed my expectations. Our guide Izzy, explained that Bushwick was an area of New York that 5-10 years ago was considered extremely dangerous. However the gentrification phenomenon so common in New York has meant that parts of Brooklyn which were previously havens for artists (Williamsburg for example) have now become so expensive that artists have been forced to move out further. As a result Bushwick is now a home for hundreds of creative types, primarily graffiti and street artists and their work is everywhere to be seen.

Bienvenidos a Bushwick, un barrio en Brooklyn, Nueva York que visité hace poco y superó  todas mis expectativas. Nuestro guía Izzy, explicó que Bushwick es un lugar que hace 5-10 años era bastante peligroso. Sin embargo, el fenómeno de gentrificación tan común en Nueva York ha implicado que las partes de Brooklyn que antes eran populares con los artistas (Williamsburg por ejemplo) se han vuelto tan caros que la población allí se ha visto forzado desplazarse a otros lugares. Como resultado Bushwick es ahora el hogar de una población grande de artistas, la mayoría especialistas en arte callejero y graffiti y sus obras se ven por todos lados. Busquen @thebushwickcollective en Instagram para ver las más recientes obras de arte en este barrio.

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Our guide explained that many street artists have now become so famous that they are commissioned to do murals in different public spaces all around the world. These same artists can be hired by large companies to paint all year long. This can be a lucrative business with respected street artists lending important “street cred” to brands and in return earning up to $120,000 a year. See below for some murals commissioned by the company Sprite.

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Wheatpaste posters were everywhere in Bushwick. Here are some examples:

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It was a big surprise to learn that there is an Irish Street Artist Solus with work in Bushwick. Check out his Instagram account here. Solus’ commercial collaborations include Jameson, Sony, Nokia, PETA.ORG, Dublin Whiskey Company, Trinity College,Vodafone to name but a few.

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