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The Glucksman

written by Joanne April 23, 2015


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The Glucksmann Gallery in the campus of University College Cork has a new exhibition open to the public entitled “A Stitch in Time”. To quote the Glucksman’s description, the exhibition “looks at the ways in which artists have used traditional textiles to consider ideas of gender, community, labour and race.”

The piece which most caught my eye (it was hard to miss) was “A Knitting Map”  – a work which was stitched together over a year by more than 2000 people in Cork in 2005. A collaborative effort, the work is an example of how;

“The movement of people and cars in the city and weather patterns throughout the year were translated into a knitting pattern: hefty cabling during rush hour, stocking stitch on Sunday mornings, bobbles of blackberry stitches for gatherings of Cork people.”


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