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Weekend in Marty – NZ

written by Joanne March 7, 2018

Back in Martinborough! This time to enjoy some downtime with friends and not a mad rush from winery to winery as per the Martinborough wine festival back in November.

We got to see a Maori Hangi made a from scratch (the boys did all the work). A big hole is dug in the ground, a fire lit to heat stones, the food is placed in the ground on top of heated embers, sealed with wet cloths, buried and left to cook  for about 4 hours. Someone told me it would taste like an Irish stew and they weren’t far off! Except that we had pumpkin, kumara, pork sausages & chicken but the concept is kind of the same, slow cook something for four hours and the juices from the meat will flavor the veg etc. It was also one of the girls 30th birthday so we had some yummy gluten free chocolate cake and  gin cake on the Sat night.



We also tried the first vintage of wine from the winery where Leah lives. Then on the Sunday we stopped off at a couple of other wineries to try out what they had on offer. We went to Margrain and Colombo  – different vibe in both places but equally nice & relaxing!

Just before the drive back to Wellington we popped into Ventana Creative Collective, an art studio and shop in Martinborough town where Leah works. There had been an exhibition there on the Friday night of different artists from around the Wairarapa valley region, some of the portrait paintings were really amazing.  Love this town & region,  it’s nice to escape the city and get out into the countryside for the weekend, disconnect and spend time with friends. It’s only 1.5 hours from Wellington but feels a world away, another reason I love New Zealand. Like Ireland you are never too far from the outdoors & nature.


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